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      ABOUT US
      • ??????Zhejiang Yibai Packaging Materials Co., Ltd was founded in 2010 and located in Quzhou city, Zhejiang Province, which is close to Shanghai, the most important seaport city in the world.

          Built on a seven acre land, Yibai's new 80,000 square meter manufacturing facility houses three advanced adhesive coating lines, which mainly produce PVDC and Acrylic coating films with about 10,000 tons annual capacity. PVDC coated films are safe and non-toxic materials that possess balanced yet excellent gas and moisture barrier properties as well as very good chemical resistance. PVDC coated films are widely used in flexible packaging for food, medicine and medical devices and electronic devices applications


      • Contact:Maggine Mao
        Fax:+86-570-8089512 ?3020512
        Add:No.2 Liushan Road, Hangbu,
        ?????????? Kecheng, Quzhou,Zhejiang
      Tel:+86-570-8089512?? Fax:+86-570-8089512 ?3020512
      Add:No.2 Liushan Road, Hangbu, Kecheng, Quzhou,Zhejiang, China?
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